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Historians and horse lovers owe a great debt of gratitude to Stephen Thompson for his thorough and fascinating survey of Maine’s tie to the magnificent beast that, in both work and sport, was a principal means of tying this vast state together in the long era before the automobile. Water Village, my history of Waterville, only touches on the horse, most particularly the astonishing creature named Nelson. Thompson’s work reveals the full tale of the impact of these beloved animals in this area, and in celebration of the horse, future generations will be grateful to know a story that otherwise might have been lost in the mists of time. -- Earl Smith, Dean of College, Emeritus, Colby College

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Telling Your Story: Letting Others Know How Your Life/Work in Harness Racing and with Standardbred Horses has Impacted You, Your Life & Your Family -- Plus the Story of Obrigado

Stories are often never told and if told often forgotten. Memoir writing or telling your stories through writing ensures that your time in the sport of harness racing will be remembered.

To Members of Maine's Harness Racing Community:

The Maine Spirit of the Horse Initiative seeks members of the Maine Harness Racing Community who would be willing to share their memories by sharing their stories. You can tell the stories of how you got involved in harness racing, what motivated you, your best memories, your greatest challenges, and friendships with others over the years. 

If motivated, how would you do this?

Here are some suggestions?

1.Create an outline of what you would like to write. The outline would create a list of topics. These topics would become your writing prompts. Beneath each topic, write a story related to that topic. When done, move onto the next topic.

2. There is a link on losttrottingparks.com called 'Send Stories.' This link lead you to two options. Option One is 'Stories of the Turf.' and Option Two is 'Stories of the Maine Sire Stakes."

Stories of the Turf allows you to write your story with writing prompts or to input your story into a text box,attached a photo

Stories of the Maine Sire Stakes allows you to input your story and attach a photo.

My suggestion is to write your stories in MS Word or another text input program that would then allow you to copy and paste your text into the prompt text boxes or into the large Text Box, enter your story here.

Your link to Stories of the Turf:

Your link to Stories of the Maine Sire Stakes:

Here might be the simplest suggestion, write your story including a title, attached image and your name to the following e-mail address. 

These stories will become the content of a special issue of S.Dexter's Maine Spirit of the Turf.

-- A Story Told -- A Horse Not to be Forgotten --

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