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Historians and horse lovers owe a great debt of gratitude to Stephen Thompson for his thorough and fascinating survey of Maine’s tie to the magnificent beast that, in both work and sport, was a principal means of tying this vast state together in the long era before the automobile. Water Village, my history of Waterville, only touches on the horse, most particularly the astonishing creature named Nelson. Thompson’s work reveals the full tale of the impact of these beloved animals in this area, and in celebration of the horse, future generations will be grateful to know a story that otherwise might have been lost in the mists of time. -- Earl Smith, Dean of College, Emeritus, Colby College

Friday, May 1, 2020

Single G Defeats John R Braden in Three Heats - Races in Houlton, Bangor and Lewiston -- circa 1925

Single G was truly one of America's best performing Standardbred Horses. Marie Hill in her book, Single G, The Horse that Time Forgot tells Single G's story. After reading this book, Single G may become The Horse that Time Remembered!

Photograph of Single G courtesy of Marie Hill

A Digital Periodical published by The Lost Trotting Parks Heritage Center

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